Shide and Prame


Speed Reader

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Some years ago, I experimented with a different way of reading, which I had hoped could ultimately be faster, or more restful, or somehow better than conventional reading. I thought that displaying words in quick succession in the same place, flashing them on the screen, the eyes wouldn’t need to move as much (if at all).

Slur Typing

Apple Keyboard

Soon after their release, I noticed that typing on the “new” apple keyboards (the ones where the keys have very little travel) allow you to “slur” keystrokes. For example, you can type words like solved with four finger actions instead of the normal six (by sliding your finger across the underlined pairs).


.Recently Brandy’s post on Conway’s game of life inspired me to build an implementation (yet another) of 1d automaton.

PixelLake screenshot

It’s built in HTML5’s fancy new <canvas> tag. Each rule is given random initial conditions, which allows you to get an idea about how they each respond to all the different inputs. Click the numbers below the canvas to try different “rules”.

Pixel Lake

Check out my first foray into Processing: a 2.5D mosaic experiment. Waaay faster as a standalone application (or run from within Processing).

PixelLake screenshot

onReleaseOutside for AS3

Recently I was horrified to learn that there is no AS3 equivalent for the AS2 event “onReleaseOutside”. I consider to be an extremely useful and important event.